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ABN Inspire! is a business intelligence tool that inspires communication and sales performance by improving the flow of information and putting solutions to dealership issues at the fingertips of every employee. Built by dealership owners, ABN Inspire! is your one tool connecting all operations in house, under one beautifully built app.


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Security FAQs

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Since 2007, founder Jerry Daniels has leaned on his 30 plus years of retail automotive experience to shape ABN into the largest provider of world-class digital signage and rich content exclusively focused on the complex needs of retail automotive dealers.

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How is access to individual user data managed on the ABN Inspire! platform?

User access is managed by a robust role-based permission system that ensures sensitive data cannot be shared among different dealer accounts.  Nor can users access other users’ financial data unless they have management level permission.  For example:  two salespersons with basic user level access can never see each other’s deal data such as front & back gross, sales commissions, finance/sale amounts, nor monthly payment.​

Does the ABN Inspire! platform share data with any third-party vendors? 

No. ABN Inspire! does not share private data with third-party vendors.

Is ABN Inspire! certified to integrate with my DMS? How do I know that data is safe?

ABN Inspire! provides certified DMS integration and complies with all legal, privacy, and regulatory requirements for handling sensitive data.

Is ABN Inspire! regularly audited and who performs the audits?

ABN Inspire! undergoes routine quarterly cybersecurity audits by professional security practitioners.

Is the ABN Inspire! platform perpetually monitored to protect against cybersecurity threats?

The ABN Inspire! virtual infrastructure is proactively monitored 24/7/365 for cybersecurity threat detection via various automated security services provided by AWS, such as GuardDuty, AWS Firewall Manager, and Security Hub. ​

How does the ABN Inspire! platform transmit data?

ABN Inspire! transmits data over the internet using industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

Is the transmitted data encrypted?

All data is encrypted at rest and secured on a private cloud network hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is both SOC 1,2,3 and ISO 27001 certified.

How is administrative access restricted by the ABN Inspire! platform?

Administrative access to the platform is highly controlled with multifactor authentication (MFA) and a non-root “least privilege” model leveraging AWS’s IAM & Secrets services.

Please Note: These are general answers to questions we are often asked concerning data security and the use of your data. Click here to view ABN’s privacy statement in full. Additional terms and considerations are governed by our Mobile Application End User License Agreement, which can be viewed here.