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Gamification for Dealerships

Gamification for Dealerships

As dealership competition continues to grow, so does the embracing of trending industry insights. And among the trending industrial processes is the gamification of sales, a concept that has been on the rise owing to its numerous benefits to dealerships.

Gamifying your dealership helps maximize the productivity of your workforce, which in turn boosts your sales. But what is gamification of sales, and why is it important for your dealership? Let’s find out.

What Is Gamification?

Gamification of sales is a concept that involves using incentives to maximize the productivity of your workforce through a gaming-like experience. This concept involves setting up challenges then sending your team out to compete against each other for achievements badges or the top position on the leaderboard. 

Typically, these features motivate your employees to work harder, enabling them to take on their responsibilities with a winning goal. 

Using a digital, data-driven leaderboard, like ABN Inspire!, enables each employee to  compare their performance against that of their competitors. Salespeople and managers alike will also be able to clearly see where they don’t measure up and know what areas of their sales approach need attention to beat the competition. This increases productivity as results can be driven more efficiently.

You can rate your sales rep’s performance through metrics such as the revenue generated, deals closed, test drives taken, trades received, extended service plans sole, or many other metrics.

By rewarding your employees, you motivate them to continue working hard to stand out among their colleagues. This leads to more closed deals and, ultimately, increased revenue.

Why Integrate Gamification?

Gamification for dealerships is vital for various reasons:

  • Mentor Employees

When you have new employees in the dealership, they may have a hard time approaching more experienced employees for advice. This natural reaction holds them back from gaining tips and tricks they can use to close more deals. Even if they encounter a certain problem, they may fail to consult to improve their performance.

Integrating gamification overcomes this by increasing employee engagement and interaction. Since all salespeople have transparent access to the sales leaderboards, they will naturally be more driven to achieve and demonstrate their abilities to their management and their peers. Additionally, when the ultimate goal is an award, salespeople will go beyond their comfort zones to seek mentorship and win.

  • Improve Productivity

Gamification for dealerships usually incorporates incentives to award the winning individuals. Employees want environments where their efforts and hard work get noticed. When you recognize a particular sales rep and reward them for their efforts, you motivate others to work hard too.

A sound gamification process allows you to offer various incentives to enhance productivity. You can use multiple reward systems to motivate your employees, including paid leave, achievement badges, and additional opportunities to win with SPIFF games like the pullboard or wheel of fortune built into ABN Inspire!. 

  • Easy Metrics Tracking

Sometimes tracking progress and mapping out workable ideas proves to be challenging. You might roll out plans only to see you are gaining no results. A sound gamification initiative simplifies this challenge.

ABN Inspire! enables simplified tracking of sales metrics and gives you visibility into what is working and what needs to be improved. In this way, you can set goals and reverse your way back to the steps needed to achieve them. Methodical planning and evaluation will help your dealership achieve the success you are looking for.

  • Set Common Goals

Individual success is important, but collective success – everyone performing at a high level – will drive sales to the highest possible levels. Many dealerships work in a sales team model to drive collective success. ABN Inspire! offers a team leaderboard option that promotes competition amongst teams, but still rewards standout individual performances. No one salesperson wants to be the reason their team is not sitting atop the leaderboard.

Utilizing gamification enables management to set particular goals for teams to work towards and strengthen the team as they work to beat the other groups on the leaderboard. When all teams are working towards common goals, ABN Inspire! makes it easy to assess the reasons why one team is outperforming another and allows for more specific coaching to raise the level of success a team experiences. 

Leveraging Gamification for Dealerships

As earlier mentioned, gamification involves rewarding incentives to employees who exhibit exemplary performance. Here are some ways to use it;

1. Gamifying Communication

Gamifying communication motivates your employees to keep customer interactions alive creating room to close more deals. Although making cold calls and sending emails can be tiring, gamifying this process motivates the employees to keep going.

2. Introducing Contests

To keep your employees’ morale on a high note, you can introduce contests in your dealership. Encouraging friendly competition amongst individuals or teams allows a salesperson’s natural drive to be the best to shine. ABN Inspire! simplifies traditional dealership games like the pullboard and wheel of fortune for this purpose.

3. Gamifying Sales

Obviously, this is what ABN Inspire! is all about. Gamifying sales provides all the benefits mentioned in this article and provides natural and obvious coaching opportunities to improve performance of individuals and teams. Badges and games can be used to celebrate big achievements and incremental progress. The most important thing is that sales teams have a structured system in place that recognizes and rewards success. This will keep your salespeople engaged and driven.

Bottom Line

Gamification is a great, modern tool to drive retail automotive sales. As your salesforce trends younger, it is crucial to examine opportunities to refresh your sales process and motivate your employees of all experience levels. Strategic, intelligent gamification drives more sales, increases customer reach and improves dealership efficiency. 

ABN Inspire! is the ultimate platform for seamless implementation of gamification into your sales process. Let our experts show you how easy it can be. Contact usfor a complimentary consultation today.